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Black Hills K9 provides expert dog training solutions for pet dogs and working dogs, including private lessons, group classes and more.

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About Black Hills K9

Black Hills K9 is a multi-faceted dog training business serving dog owners in the Black Hills area, including Rapid City, SD.

Founded by certified professional dog trainer, Tim Eick, Black Hills K9 exists to provide a stronger human-canine relationship and create positive outcomes for Veterans and the wider public through the utilization of professional dog training.

Tim’s background in the Navy, combined with a strong desire to implement data-driven, scientific dog training methods, inspire him to help build Black Hills K9 into an organization that can strengthen human-canine bonds throughout the Black Hills area and beyond.

Working Dog Training

Working dogs play an important role in our modern society. Whether your working dog will be helping to protect the public from a variety of threats or locating specific target odors, our education and expertise can help to create an effective K9 team. 

At Black Hills K9, our intention is to work closely with law enforcement and military teams to ensure that operational K9s can do their jobs effectively, while providing K9 handler teams with troubleshooting and training guidance to overcome obstacles.

Our working dog services include:

  • Decoy work
  • Detection dog training
  • Single purpose K9s
  • Dual purpose K9s
  • Consulting on starting up, or improving, a K9 team

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Pet Dog Training

For pet dog owners, Black Hills K9 offers a variety of private lesson programs and group classes to help you achieve your dog training goals.

With our private lessons, our trainer works with you once per week for one-on-one sessions. These lessons are tailored completely to the requirements of you and your dog – whether you’re looking for simple obedience commands, or your dog has more complex behavioral issues, we have the expertise, education and experience to help.

Our group classes cover a broad curriculum and will help you to reach your dog training goals. Our core group classes cover basic obedience and puppy training, while we also offer specialized group training available upon request.

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